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Nebojsa Malic doesn’t speak Serbo-Croat very well

Nebojsa Malic, the Srebrenica genocide denier and clown who comments on former-Yugoslav affairs for the website, earlier this summer wrote the following:

‘Right after the pontiff’s visit, Zagreb announced that it will hold a Gay Pride Parade on June 18. The motto of the event is “Tomorrow belongs to us.” If that sounds familiar, here’s why.’

The link, which Malic provides, is to the famous scene in the 1972 film ‘Cabaret’, set in Germany in the early 1930s, in which a young Nazi stirs a crowd by singing the song ‘Tomorrow belongs to me’. Malic thereby links the organisers of the Croatian gay pride march to the Nazis.

However, as Malic later admitted in the comments below his post, the motto of the Croatian gay pride event was actually ‘I buducnost je nasa’. This translates as ‘And the future is ours’. By no stretch of the imagination does it translate as ‘Tomorrow belongs to us’. The word ‘buducnost’ means ‘future’. The Croatian (or Serbian) word for ‘tomorrow’ is ‘sutra’. The Serbo-Croat for ‘Tomorrow belongs to us’ would be ‘Sutra pripada nama’. In fact, real members of the Croatian far-right who have wanted to use the slogan from Cabaret have had no trouble translating it correctly.

The only possible reason I can think of, to explain how Malic could have made such a mistake, is that even though he is a native speaker of Serbo-Croat, a Bosnian born and bred, he doesn’t actually speak his own language very well.

What other explanation could there possibly be ? It’s an absolute mystery.

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